Thursday, August 3, 2017

There's Grace

As you may have noticed, I've already missed a day of my challenge. (Day two to be specific) It's easy for me to get frustrated when things like this happen. I get really excited about something, plan to do it, and then have trouble being consistent. Instead, I get busy. Really busy. I tend to fill my schedule so that every blank space is filled and every second is account for. Normally, I'm glad to say that I'm a planner. But it's these moments where my planning tendencies seem more like a curse than a gift.

So, yes. I missed day two because I filled my schedule all the way to the brim. I didn't get home until really late. And, there wasn't much food in my fridge anyway because I've been too busy to go shopping.

But today I was determined to make something, anything. Out of my odds and ends, I created a beautiful smoothie. (I promise to go grocery shopping tomorrow!)

Today's flavor is: Mango-Blueberry

- frozen mango
- frozen blueberries
- vanilla almond milk
- plain greek yogurt
- honey

This picture doesn't do justice for the beauty of this smoothie. In reality, this smoothie is a deep purple with black speckles. It almost reminds me of dragon fruit. The flavor of this smoothie isn't my favorite. But, it's surprisingly tasty considering my ingredients were pretty limited.

I'm excited for tomorrow!
xoxo - Shelly

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